Data Navigation with Pathom 3

Understand the problem of "container types", which dominate most of the information systems on the internet, and how we can use attribute modeling avoid propagating these patterns.
October 2021 @ London Clojurians

Evolving Code Through Accretion

Some tips to design code without breaking things.
June 2020 @ Clojure North

The Maximal Graph

In this talk I go though my vision about how we should model information and make it connected.
November 2019 @ Clojure Conj

Scaling Full-Stack Applications

In this talk I go over how we tamed a complex distributed data at Nubank to serve customer information during support.
November 2018 @ Clojure Conj

Implementing Graph API's with Clojure

In this talk I go over how to have something similar to GraphQL, but using Clojure constructs.
April 2018 @ Clojure Days