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Clojure Naive Bayes under 100 LOC

October 09, 2020

Recently I was learning more about Bayes algorithms and how to implement a simple spam filter.

I wanted to have a simple and small implementation to help solidify the understanding of it.

I found an implementation in JS and decided to port it, the result is the following:

(ns com.wsscode.bayes
  "Simple naive bayes implementation in Clojure.

  Implementation ported from:"
  (:require [clojure.string :as str]))

(defn- math-log [n] #?(:clj (Math/log n) :cljs (js/Math.log n)))

(defn tokenize [s]
  (into []
        (comp (map str/lower-case)
              (remove #(re-find #"^\d+$" %)))
        (str/split s #"[.\s,]+")))

(defn classifier []
  {::vocabulary           #{}
   ::vocabulary-size      0
   ::total-documents      0
   ::doc-count            {}
   ::word-count           {}
   ::word-frequency-count {}
   ::categories           #{}})

(defn initialize-category
  [{::keys [categories] :as classifier} category]
  (cond-> classifier
    (not (contains? categories category))
    (-> (assoc-in [::doc-count category] 0)
        (assoc-in [::word-count category] 0)
        (assoc-in [::word-frequency-count category] {})
        (update ::categories conj category))))

(defn add-token [{::keys [vocabulary] :as classifier} token]
  (cond-> classifier
    (not (contains? vocabulary token))
    (-> (update ::vocabulary conj token)
        (update ::vocabulary-size inc))))

(defn learn [classifier text category]
  (let [tokens (tokenize text)
        table  (frequencies tokens)]
    (-> classifier
        (initialize-category category)
        (update-in [::doc-count category] inc)
        (update ::total-documents inc)
        (as-> <>
            (fn [classifier token occurrences]
              (-> classifier
                  (add-token token)
                  (update-in [::word-frequency-count category token] #(+ (or % 0) occurrences))
                  (update-in [::word-count category] + occurrences)))

(defn token-probability
  [{::keys [vocabulary-size] :as classifier} token category]
  (let [word-frequency-count (get-in classifier [::word-frequency-count category token] 0)
        word-count           (get-in classifier [::word-count category])]
    (/ (inc word-frequency-count) (+ word-count vocabulary-size))))

(defn categorize
  [{::keys [doc-count total-documents categories] :as classifier} text]
  (let [tokens (tokenize text)
        table  (frequencies tokens)]
    (-> (reduce
          (fn [{:keys [max-probability] :as acc} category]
            (let [category-probability (/ (get doc-count category) total-documents)
                  log-probability      (reduce-kv
                                         (fn [log-probability token occurrences]
                                           (let [token-probability (token-probability classifier token category)]
                                             ; determine the log of the P( w | c ) for this word
                                             (+ log-probability (* occurrences (math-log token-probability)))))
                                         (math-log category-probability)

              ; now determine P( w | c ) for each word `w` in the text
              (if (> log-probability max-probability)
                {:max-probability log-probability
                 :chosen-category category}
          {:max-probability ##-Inf
           :chosen-category nil}

Example usage:

(-> (classifier)
    (learn "amazing, awesome movie!! Yeah!! Oh boy." ::ham)
    (learn "Sweet, this is incredibly, amazing, perfect, great!!" ::ham)
    (learn "terrible, shitty thing. Damn. Sucks!!" ::spam)
    (categorize "awesome, cool, amazing!! Yay."))
; => :ham

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